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Digital workplace: the office of tomorrow

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The recent developments observed in the world of work confirm the emergence of a model already well known in many professional circles, based on greater flexibility and increased mobility. Facilitating access to company resources, anywhere and at any time, is one of the main challenges of this new dynamic. The trend is all the more pronounced as […]

What is 5G?

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5G technology refers to the new generation of connectivity standards for mobile devices. The advantages of 5G are many and varied, the most remarkable being of course its connection speed, which exceeds that of fibre optics. This will undoubtedly impact organisations using the Internet to operate, from essential processes such as communication between people or […]

What is Wordpress?

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If you’re just starting out however, terms like ‘open source’ and ‘content management system’ probably won’t mean much to you. So, here’s a much more beginner-friendly run through of what WordPress really is — one that will hopefully make a lot more sense. I. What is a ‘Content Management System’? As we mentioned earlier, WordPress […]

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