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Logo design agency in Accra, Ghana

Sabma Digital offers professional services for corporate logo design in Ghana. We are confident that we have the best logo designers and look forward to applying this expertise to your brand.

We take great pride in offering high quality products and beautiful designs at an affordable price. Because we focus on small and medium-sized businesses, we can help you better design and develop your business brand.

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A good quality logo can go a long way in boosting your business, and if your business is based in Accra (Ghana), designing a logo could never be easier.

At Sabma Digital, you can get a professionally designed logo without blowing your budget.

Whether you need a design in Accra for your financial service, real estate business or entertainment industry, we are here for you as we specialize in creating unique and high quality logos.

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ghana - Sabma Digital

Importance of logo design for businesses in Accra

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Your logo is part of your company's brand and acts as a symbol that represents your company and what it is about.

Your logo should be something memorable in the minds of your target group, so that when they see it they think of your company and your work.

When people see a well-designed website with an eye-catching logo, they get a good impression. They are beginning to think that this company offers better services than the competition.

Many companies in Ghana go straight into their marketing campaigns without a logo; small companies in particular are guilty of this.

They mistakenly think that a logo is simply not that important.

A logo, a small image, can have a big impact on a company. A logo contributes to brand recognition, sales and customer loyalty, to name just a few of the benefits.

That's why it's so important to consider the importance of your logo and hire our team of professional designers to create a good logo.

The logo is the reflection of your company. It talks about what you do and the nature of your business. Folders, bags, business cards, receipts, stationery, signs and your website, the logo will be present everywhere. 

You want your logo to present a professional image, not something cheap or flashy. A quality logo shows that you care about your business and that you take pride in what you do.

Professional logo design will cost you money, but don't save in this area; your logo should be visible for years.

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WHO NEEDS our logo design services IN Accra?

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Our process

We use an efficient system to help you get the best logo/brand possible. From the design brief to the final logo design, we have thought of everything so that you get the best design quickly.

Our professional designer will do all the necessary research before starting the design. He will then design a logo that is memorable, writable, scalable and works well with any number of colors, including black and white or monochrome.

Your professionally designed logo will be prominently displayed on your website so that the logo remains in the minds of visitors when they leave your site.

The design of your company logo is important to give a professional image of your company. Your logo will help you stand out from the rest of the competition and give a good impression of your company, while helping your target group to remember you.

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₵ 1,600

  • 9 Revisions

  • 2 initial concepts

  • Logo transparency (.png) (Logo with transparent background in high resolution in .png format)  

  • 1 circular logo (watermark, sub-watermark or stamp for social network profiles and favicon)

  • Vector file (.ai) – essential for printing on physical media (billboards, T-shirts …)

  • Design Invoice (in Microsoft Word)

  • Business card

  • Letterhead (in Microsoft Word)


₵ 990

  • 3 Révisions

  • 1 initial concept

  • Logo Transparency (.png) (Logo with transparent background in high resolution in .png format)  

  • 1 circular logo (watermark, sub-watermark or stamp for social network profiles and favicon)


₵ 660

  • 3 Révisions

  • 1 initial concept

  • Logo Transparency (.png) (Logo with transparent background in high resolution in .png format)  
ghana - Sabma Digital


What do vector files and source files mean?
Vector/source files are the original files (.ai and .eps) used to design logos, which allows you to modify or reduce the logo to any size without changing the quality or pixelation. If you plan to change your logo or change its size in the future, it is recommended that you do so.

A transparent PNG file is a type of file that has no background on your logo. This allows you to place your logo perfectly on any type of background, texture or image.

A submark is a variant of a logo used in situations where the main logo is not the most suitable. It's visually similar enough to be paired with your main logo, but has a simpler design and slightly more proportional dimensions, making it easier to use on mediums such as social media, stamps, websites, and any other small application your industry might need.

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