Infographic design services


Infographics display information visually, one of the primary ways in which humans consume content.

Up to 90% of information relayed to the brain is visual, making infographics a powerful way to communicate complex statistics, data and information. Not only do infographics communicate your message quickly, but they also drive engagement as they are proven to be shared three times more often than other forms of content, and they have a powerful tangible effect on SEO, CRO and social media advertising.

When integrated into the marketing funnel and content marketing strategies, infographic design has been proven to drive important digital marketing results. The key is to find the right company that knows how to bring together a marketing strategy and world-class creative production.



Improve SEO rankings

The heavy use of visual content such as infographic design has been proven to improve the SEO rankings of the pages, as the pages stay on the page longer, the bounce rates are lower and other positive factors influence the Google algorithm.

Improve ad performance

Click-through rates (CTRs), ad engagement and overall ad performance are proven to increase when using custom infographic design.

Simplify a complex story or data

Infographics design can capture complex details of a company, product or process, as well as market research data, and bring them to life in a visual way that simplifies things and enlightens your target audience.

Get bigger PR positions

Infographics are a powerful tool when it comes to opening up media channels and obtaining major press coverage of brands.



As an infographic design company (among others), we merge the power of infographic design and marketing strategy to help our clients achieve their goals through the marketing and sales funnels.

Our infographic design team works with our client’s marketing team to first understand the client’s goals, and then develops things backwards from there to ensure that the best strategies, best infographics and other visual content are in place to achieve the goals, and then helps with the marketing implementation to ensure the goals are achieved.