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Sabma Digital offers professional services for the design of company logos. We like to believe that we have the best logo designers and are delighted to apply this expertise to your brand.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and beautiful designs at an affordable price. By focusing on small and medium sized businesses, we can help you better shape and develop your corporate brand.

Our design services are not limited to logo design. We can also help you design business cards, social media profiles and websites.

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As the world gets smaller and smaller with the help of the Internet, the business world is becoming more and more competitive. This is also true in the world of website design, attention must be paid to every little detail of website design and nothing must be overlooked that is not important. A company’s website is a reflection of the company’s image and must be treated as such. How the company is represented by the website design will play an important role in the company’s success.

A website is associated with the uniqueness and individuality of a company, and the logo helps the website to do so. Your logo is part of your company’s brand and acts as a symbol that represents your company and what it is all about. Your logo should be something that is memorable in the minds of your target group, so that when they see it, they think of your company and your work.

When people see a well designed website with an eye-catching logo, they get a good impression. They start to think that this company offers better services than the competition. Some companies plunge straight into their marketing campaigns without a logo; small companies in particular are guilty of this. They mistakenly believe that a logo is simply not that important.

A logo, a small image, can have a big impact on a company. A logo helps with brand recognition, sales and customer loyalty, to name just a few of the benefits. That’s why it’s so important to consider the importance of your logo and have a professional design team create a good logo design.

The logo is a reflection of your company. It speaks to what you do and the nature of your business. It is a marketing tool and a symbol that represents your company in all areas of communication. Shirts, bags, business cards, receipts, stationery, signs and your website, the logo will be found everywhere.

You want your logo to present a professional image and not something that is cheap or clapped together. A quality logo shows that you care about your business and are proud of what you do. A professionally designed logo will cost you money, but don’t save in this area; your logo should be seen for years to come. A professional web design company will have experience in effectively creating corporate logos.

Our Process


We use an efficient system to help you get the best possible logo/branding. From the design brief to the final logo design, we have thought of everything to ensure that you get the best design quickly.

Our professional designer will do all the necessary research before starting the design. Then he will design a logo that is memorable, writable, scalable, and works well with any number of colors, including black and white or monochrome.

Your professionally designed logo will be prominently displayed on your website so that the logo is still imprinted in the minds of visitors when they leave your website.

The logo design of your company is important to give your company a professional image. Your logo will help you stand out from the rest of the competition and give a good impression of your company, while at the same time helping your target group to remember you.


Designer – Customer Portal: We have a unique online system that allows you to communicate directly with your designer.
Dedicated project manager: Work with your own project manager to help you along the way.

100% individual and in-house: All of our logos are individually created by our designers. Not outsourced. We control the quality and the result.

Modern file formats: We cover all modern file formats, including .JPG, .PNG transparent, .PDF, .AI, .SVG. We will also include any additional file formats you may need.

Hand Drawn Logo Design

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Design Chabby Chic logo 2
Design Chabby Chic logo
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  • 3 Revisions

  • 1 initial concept

  • Logo Transparency (.png)

  • High Resolution

  • Delivery 72h



  • 3 Revisions

  • 1 initial concept

  • Logo Transparency (.png)

  • High Resolution

  • Delivery 48h

  • Logo submark (for Profile and favicon)



  • 9 Revisions 

  • 1 initial concept

  • Logo Transparency (.png)

  • High Resolution

  • Delivery 48h

  • Logo submark (for Profile and favicon)

  • Digital Banner (for your website or social media page)

  • Source File (.psd)

  • Vector File (.ai)

  • Brand Board ( including logo colours used, fonts used, etc.)

  • Business Card Design (two sides)

  • 30 days aftercare


What do vector and source files means ?

Vector/source files are the original (.ai and .eps) files used to design logos, allowing you to edit or reduce the logo to any size without quality changes or pixelation.

If you plan to modify your logo or change its size in the future, this is recommended.

What is a transparent file?

A transparent PNG file is a file type that has no background on your logo. This allows you to place your logo perfectly on any kind of background, texture or image.

What is a Brand Board?

A transparent PNG file is a file type that has no background on your logo. This allows you to place your logo perfectly on any kind of background, texture or image.

What is a Submark?

A submark is a variation of a logo used in situations where the main logo does not fit best. It’s visually similar enough to be associated with your main logo, but simpler in design with slightly more proportional dimensions, making it easier to use on things like social media, stamps, website favicons, and any other small applications that your particular industry may require.

we think one of the best ways to explain this concept is through a visual example. The logo below is a well designed logo. It’s simple and unique, and with a few color changes it would work on a light or dark background and in one, two or three colors. This logo would look great on an outside sign, on the top of a website or even on gift cards. Without a submark, the logo would look great on a Facebook profile picture:

Submark Wide Logo Example- sabma digital

Submark - Facebook Wide Logo -1-1024x472


Have you noticed exactly how small the logo in the news feed looks (where it shows that they have updated their cover image)? That way most people would see (or not see) the logo every time it appeared in their news feed. Instagram is even smaller! At the end of the branding package, our clients go home with a brand board (among many resources and files). Usually it looks something like this:


Submark - Lagome Brand Board

Our clients are not only willing to use their brand colors, fonts, patterns and other elements consistently across different media – they also have more than one logo file. Yes, that is correct. They need more than one logo.
Do you have files that work on a dark background? In a square box? In all the other places you need to put your logo? If you want to invest in a professionally designed logo, make sure you pay for the tools you need to make your logo visible. But what is the point of having a logo and all your efforts in social media if nobody is able to read/recognize your logo on something like Facebook?

Below is the same Facebook account with the Submark applied to the Profile picture area:

Submark - Facebook Submark-1024x472

Of course not every logo requires a submark, but most do. It depends on the name’ length, the font and the general shape of the logo.


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