presentation design services

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Whether you are an executive preparing a keynote or an analyst with a quarterly report on the horizon, Sabma Digital develops presentations that meet your business objectives and motivate your audience.

Our presentations build your reputation as an executive with the vision and expertise to make it happen.

Our presentation design services include:

Investor Presentations

If you require someone to take the risk of giving you huge sums of money, you need to make your pitch presentation with real impact.

While statistics and data are important to give credibility to your story, the answer is not to fill your PowerPoint slides with charts and tables.

Our presentation designers make sure that technical data looks nice and is easy to understand. Complex diagrams are redesigned to be simple and appealing. We find the message behind the diagram and remove the excess so that your key points are clear and understandable.

Minimalist, razor-sharp design means that your investment presentation is clear and convincing and exudes the highest level of professionalism.


Product Presentations

We will make your products shine in your presentation through incredible design and storytelling.

You have worked tirelessly on the development of your new product, and your launch presentation is the first opportunity to shout about it.

The PowerPoint slides you use should be stunning and focus on communicating the benefits of your product and how it will change your audience’s lives.

Our presentation designers and storytellers work to highlight the key features and benefits of your new product, create a design that will allow you to shine as the star of the presentation, and show it in the best light.

Finance Presentations

Visualize data in a clear, exciting way to ensure that nothing gets lost, especially the attention of your audience.

Let’s face it: financial presentations can be mind-numbingly boring. Even if the numbers tell a great story, one slide after another of charts and graphs can punish your audience’s eyes and patience.

But take the same raw data and apply a nice PowerPoint design to it, and you have a compelling presentation that can be incredibly inspiring.

Financial presentations are so important – our presentation designers focus on visualizing the key data in a clear, exciting way so nothing is lost, especially the attention of your audience.

Marketing Presentations

Bring your company’s messages to life with dynamic design that flows as a cohesive, compelling story.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, acquire new business or generate leads, the right marketing presentation can put you in a strong position.

Convincing others that you are the best in the business can be difficult, but it’s much less stressful when your slides do the talking.

Imagine your corporate messages brought to life through design and animation, and flowing as one cohesive, compelling story. Even when you’re there to sell, your agenda is woven into an intricately designed PowerPoint deck that subtly brings your marketing messages home.

Conference Presentations

Premium slides that support your messages, follow your themes and highlight the most important benefits.

Whether you’ve never presented at a conference or are an experienced keynote speaker, it’s important to have a professionally designed PowerPoint deck behind you.

You need a presentation that captures the attention of your audience and inspires them. PowerPoint slides that support your message, follow your topics and narratives, and highlight the key benefits for your audience.

A great speech can be undermined by a poorly designed, unreliable presentation, so our PowerPoint presentation designers create custom visualizations that support each of your words.


Pitch decks

Our premium pitch decks are designed to support your messages, not distract from them.

No two pitch decks are the same. Or at least they shouldn’t be. Whatever your message, you need to grab your audience’s attention with a strong narrative, underpin your ideas with beautiful data visualization, and use eye-catching presentation design to stand out from the crowd.

Our PowerPoint presentation design experts work with you to understand your brand, your ideas and your requirements. This allows us to create a tailored look that leaves your audience in no doubt as to whose presentation blew them away.

High quality, smooth and stylish, our pitch decks are designed to support your message, not distract from it.