Are you looking for the fastest way to more awareness, traffic, engagement and sales?

Brands are facing a battle against algorithms as organic reach in social media continues to shrink. They are almost forced to pay for gaming these days.

Our social media ad service helps you reach the right people with the right message in the right places to support each of your marketing goals.

We have successfully managed nearly 100 accounts for brands. Our service includes :

  • Audience identification and targeting
  • Creative development
  • Daily monitoring and management
  • Optimization of the budget
  • Campaign performance reports

Social Media Advertising Services: Our Process

Hire an experienced social media manager to manage your account.

A social media manager with advertising experience will help you reduce costs and increase results. We assign an advertising specialist to manage your advertising on these social media channels. This person will get to know your business, develop an advertising strategy and execute it.

Develop a real advertising strategy

Do not spend another dollar until you have a social media advertising strategy. We will build a very clear and concise advertising strategy for your business. It will contain proven promotional funnels to show you how we plan to convert strangers into website traffic and conversions.

Create compelling ads

Place ads that people actually want to click on. Our Marketing Agency's ad specialists will write your ad text, titles and develop imagery for your campaign. We also run A/B split tests to find out which ads deliver the best results.

Monitor your ads and optimize

Quickly identify underperforming areas of your ad campaigns. We'll keep an eye on your campaign daily across your chosen social media networks. If results start to drop, we'll spot it immediately and pause underperforming ads. In addition, we can place new ads to maintain results.

Reporting and communication

Understand how your social media ads are performing. Your ad specialist will generate reports that you can review monthly or bi-weekly. In addition, we install conversion tracking for your ads. This tracks the number of conversions we generate with our social media advertising services.

Social Media Advertising Services: Why choose us?

We are advertising experts

When we say we're advertising experts, you should know that it's more than just a job title. We run social media advertising campaigns every day and have years of experience in doing so.
We have proven data on best practices in copy, headlines and keywords.
We fully understand A/B split testing, conversion optimization and retargeting.
Do not waste your time trying to figure this out. You have a business to run.

Low risk contracts

We work with high integrity and aim to earn your trust through good work.

Get more for your money

Spending your whole budget on an advertising agency is like buying a car without petrol. We don't want you to pay us a large retainer. We'd rather you pay us for the true cost of the service and invest any extra budget in paid advertising. This will benefit you and us.

Maximise the results

With new social media channels coming out all the time, like TikTok, Snapchat and more, you need to choose wisely where you invest your resources. Our advertising agency can help you choose the best social networks for your business and create the perfect ad copy for your advertising campaigns.

How much cost our Social Media Advertising Services?

Each client and each advertising account represents a unique scenario. Depending on the number of advertising accounts, platforms, monthly advertising budget and other variables, we charge a flat monthly rate that is in line with current industry standards. We ask new clients to commit to an initial 3-month retainer with us, with the option to switch to a monthly retainer thereafter.
As with most advertising account management contracts, the process tends to be front-heavy with strategy development, tracking implementation, campaign asset set-up and the ability to run campaigns so that we can gather meaningful and statistically significant data to better guide our account management efforts in subsequent months.

Advertising among the best Social Media Platforms

Social media advertising appeals to many different people through many different channels. It's about locating your target audience and offering them targeted promotions. As these are higher quality leads, it means that more of them will engage with your ads and come back to your business for more offers. But there is no one way to do this. With our social media advertising experts, we can help you create specialised ads that are optimised for your target audience and the individual platforms you use. And the best part? All of these platforms allow you to work within your own budgets. Now you have more control over your strategy and results than ever before.

Facebook advertising services

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. The sheer size of this audience makes Facebook a prime location to advertise your business. But even beyond that, the platform is built to generate huge growth for business pages that use it. There are multiple sections for ads, as well as built-in analytics tools that can help you monitor your progress over time. For example, Facebook Ads Manager can help you develop targeted ad campaigns, set specified audiences and budgets, and monitor their metrics – all in one place. 

Twitter advertising services

If you want to know what people are talking about right now, go to Twitter and you will. This social media platform is popular for discovering trending events paired with creative hashtags. And the fact that users are highly interactive on this social platform makes it one of the best ways to connect with your target audience, whether through your tweets or Twitter ads.

Instagram advertising services

The most noticeable feature of Instagram is its use of images. And your business can create a strong impression of what you do, what you offer and why you are better than your competitors. According to research, 75% of active Instagram users have used the app to buy products online. And over time Instagram has taken further steps to provide business owners with in-app tools to promote themselves, including Boosted Pos1ts, IGTV and Instagram Shopping. Whether you're an e-commerce shop displaying product photos or a service business posting infographics, Instagram ads present great opportunities! 

LinkedIn advertising services

Are you a B2B company looking to network with other B2B companies? Then LinkedIn will be the right platform for you! With the help of our social media advertising agency, you can reach other business professionals who are looking for the exact services you offer. 94% of B2B businesses market themselves on LinkedIn, which means you already have a wide audience at your fingertips. And with quality content and precise targeting, you'll see more qualified leads, more clicks on your ads, more website conversions and a higher return on investment. No one knows LinkedIn ads like we do. So you can trust us to get the best possible results for your ad campaign.