Remember the number of times when you open a page that is so slow that you decided to close the browser tab. Now, we live in a fast moving world and want to get things fast.

If your site loads slowly, your site loses conversions and revenue. On the other hand, if your site loads fast, it will increase traffic to the site and its search engine rank. Therefore it is crucial to optimize the speed of your website.




You have a website and the loading time of your website is more than 3 seconds. You have to optimize the speed of your website.

If you leave your website without having optimized the speed of your website, you leave your website at risk. You cannot reach a high rank and you will lose visitors.

If you need help to reduce the page load time of your website, Sabma Digital can help you and also offer the best service.

We offer four separate website speed optimization services that will help your website load at top speed. You will see that after using our services, your website will reduce the bounce rate and increase the time on the page.

If you use our services, you will also see an increase in conversions and revenue over a year.


An appropriate speed strategy for the website is essential to start optimizing the process. We pursue the underlined website speed strategy to guarantee the best results for your page load optimization.

Analyzing the page speed


First, we can analyse and understand the speed performance of your websites using Google Pagespeed Insight, Pingdom and GTMetrix tools. These are the three tools that provide valuable information and performance levels when reporting on your websites in detail. We work on them after we have discovered the errors of websites.



Google Page Speed Insight


Google Page Speed Insight is one of the best tools to analyze page load time. It provides all the valuable information needed to measure website traffic and understand website performance. We analyse your website with this tool, which helps us to understand the traffic and performance of your website.





Pingdom is a tool that provides information about the performance of a website and the analysis of the page load time. It also offers suggestions on how to improve your website. We also use Pingdom to find out the error of your website page.





GTMetrix is one of the tools for finding and detailed reporting on websites. This tool is used to get a detailed report about the performance of your website so that we can detect the error in the loading time of your website.



Redundant and inactive plugins


Inactive plugins are one of the causes for the slow speed of your website. You can choose to enable or disable plug-ins rather than delete them. We can fix page load time by removing unnecessary and inactive plugins from your site.



Content Delivery Network (CDN)


The Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses caching to reduce your hosting bandwidth and facilitate content delivery and playback. It also helps to avoid downtime of your website. With the CDN we can increase the page load time of your website.



Images Optimization

Heavy and bulky images are the reasons for the slow page speed of your website. You must optimize images to increase the page speed of your website. We can solve your problem by optimizing images of your website to achieve the desired page load time of your website.

Reduce HTTP request


You can reduce the number of HTTP requests required by reducing the number of items on the pages of your website. Our developer will work on the HTTP request so that it helps speed up the loading time for your website.



Strong cache policy

Cache is often used to store data so that it can be accessed more quickly later. Database caching improves the performance and scalability of your website by reducing page load time. Our team works on creating and clearing the cache to give you the page load time you need.

What we offer in our service

Our website speed optimization service offers you a complete solution, including JS minification, CSS minification, CZIP compression and many other services. Let us take a look at what we can offer you.


JS Minification

We offer Java Script Minification of our website speed optimization service. We combine all javascripts and then remove all unnecessary characters from the source codes of the interpreted programming. As a result it will help to reduce the loading time of the pages.

CSS Minification


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Minification is the process of minimizing code and markup in your web pages and script files. This process helps to increase the page load time of websites. We offer CSS Minification in our services to achieve the best results of your website faster.


GZIP Compression

Do you want to accelerate the optimization of your website? Our GZIP compression service will solve your problem. Gzip is a way to quickly compress files through network transfers. It allows your web server to provide files in a small size that can be loaded faster for your website. You can increase the speed of your website by using our service.



Image Optimization

We offer an image optimization service to increase the page speed of your website. Our web developers ensure that the images on your website are optimized to reduce the file size without significantly affecting the visual quality. Image optimization removes bytes from most of the weight of your website.



HTML Compression

You will need to speed up your website to improve the visitor experience. We demonstrate the HTML compressor in our service to optimize website speed. HTML Compressor is used to compress the HTML code by removing unwanted spaces, line breaks and many other tools.

Page Objects Optimization


You are thinking about increasing the page speed of your website. We offer you page object optimization services that help you increase the loading time of the pages of your website. Page object optimization is a process that has become popular in test automation to improve test maintenance and reduce code duplication.