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Why choose us as your web development agency? 

Your site brings people closer to you and we'll help you shape their experience, using the skills of our in-house experts, as we are a specialist web development company.

We have created dozens of websites using a variety of tools. From simple CMS for simple sites to custom applications and web portals.

We will provide a high quality site that is easy to use and manage and we will train and support you to use it to its full potential. Our clients tell us all the time how much they appreciate our affordable options and no hidden fees approach – they say it reassures them that their investment is worthwhile.


When we plan website design for businesses, we ask ourselves these three essential questions:

We think carefully about your target market.

Who do you want to bring to your website?

Why do you want to attract?

The answer to that question is most often to sell them something – a product, a service or an idea perhaps. Pretending that your market is anyone and everyone is far too vague, and your website will lack precision and fail to maximize its potential. Ideally, you should aim to create a niche.

Creating a niche will also help you get noticed by search engines (Google, Bing) and attract potential customers to your site.

We think about what keywords your target market might type into a search engine to find you. That's why we do our own research.

Who is in the top 30? Because that's where you need to be. Are your competitors there? We look at their sites. Do they work? How can you improve them?

Next, you will help us identify a unique element of your business that sets it apart from others. These keywords – or key phrases to be more precise – should be incorporated into the pages of your site – in page titles, headings and internal links.

Be precise in your key phrases.

They will be less competitive than more general single word searches and will target your market more precisely. You may need to localize or specialize to be in the top 30 – and the top 30 is where you need to be to drive traffic to your site. As you probably know from experience, if you didn't find what you were looking for in the first three pages of results, you need to look elsewhere.

The key to achieving high search engine rankings is to create inbound links   to your web pages – that is, pages on external websites that link to pages on your site. It is essential that this link acquisition is a natural growth – where the number of inbound links increases at a gradual rate. The pages that link to your site should be relevant and on-topic, and ideally contain the same keywords – especially in the link text. The pages that link to your website should be relevant and on-topic, and ideally contain the same keywords – especially in the link text.

We don't just tell them what you do or what you sell. We also tell them why they want it (yes, want – not need). We will create incentives, freebies, discounts – whatever it takes to start that dialogue.

We will create incentives, freebies, discounts – whatever it takes to start that dialogue. That doesn't leave you much time to make an impression. We therefore ensure that your unique selling point (USP) is clearly visible on your homepage – and preferably prominently displayed on all your other pages.

After all, it is not obvious that the homepage is the first page a visitor sees, especially if they found you via a search engine. That's why we make sure that your guarantees are indicated by bubbles on the homepage.

Visitors need to understand why you are different from others and why they should deal with you and not your competitors. And as we found out, they need to understand that almost instantly.

Finally, we will strive to make your site funnel-shaped. Identify your important pages – usually the “call to action” or “buy” pages – and make sure all paths lead to those pages. Our internal links – like their external counterparts – describe the target page.

If you sell shoes, we won't call your product page “Products” but “Shoes”, and we make sure that the links to that page also say “Shoes”. This will not only help search engines identify and rank the most important pages on your site, but it will also lead your visitor to that important conversion.

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